Pull request: feat: adds documentation for library authors #71

You can find the issue here Docs: Documentation for Library-Developers would be great #59.

Once merged it will be visible on the Phel website under docs.


I find it amusing that this has been something that I wanted to do for three years now, but have never found the motivation or time. Having seen that three years have passed since, I really need to sort my priorities.

I am sad to say that I am actively considering rewriting this website in Clojure. It's not that Phel is bad, my decision has more to do with the technology being more stable and maintanable, than Phel being good or bad. Phel is a new language and it served me well for three years now.

Phel was a wonderful voyage into alpha level languages, functional programming and lisp.

Future plans

  • Create an API that would expose my portfolio and make it reusable across my many websites.
  • Add RSS feed and sitemap.
  • Provide links to previous and next blog posts.
  • Show latest blog post on the home page.

Copy the list above into tasks :)